Excerpts & Info


Book One: Speeding Tickets

 From the moment their motorcycle-riding paths cross, Christine Cassler and Doug Hartford feel an unsettling connection. It’s a dicey roller-coaster-of-a-ride romance for a widow who is up to her biker-babe boots in angst as she uncovers a spiraling scheme of deceit and embezzlement at work – a scheme that threatens more than her job. 


     This is it, I thought, my lower lip trembling. They're going to find my scrawny little fifty-year-old carcass, broken and bloody, at the bottom of this ditch and say a woman her age had no business riding!  I dug the heels of my over-priced leather biker boots into the loose soil of the highway's shoulder, the front of my little 250cc Honda motorcycle sliding past the lip of the drainage ditch. Fumes of spent rubber and exhaust burned in my throat as tiny pebbles gave way beneath my soles...


Book Two: Rough Piece of Road

 The road trip to happiness can be pretty rough. Christine Cassler Hartford’s romantic honeymoon takes a nose-dive the moment Doug mistakes her for another woman in his sleep. It’s a sucker punch that has her questioning the new life she started with the man she can’t live without. Chris planned a smooth ride, but this was one road hazard she didn’t see coming. When a local mobster threatens them over money her recently deceased employer stole from him, her stress level skyrockets. The Feds want to use Chris as bait to catch this guy. The gangster’s voluptuous daughter wants Doug. Can Chris find money she never knew existed and stay alive long enough to keep her marriage and sanity intact? 


     Doug's deep voice coming through the 'com in my helmet was as husky as when we made love last night. "I know you've done this before, baby, but glue yourself to my backside and move with me for all you're worth!"

     A twinge of jealousy tightened my gut. My husband was about to make love to eleven miles of two-lane road -- and the two hundred and ten tight curves we would encounter riding over it. Then again, I was almost hyperventilating in anticipation of the rush...


Meet Chris:

Christine Cassler may be slightly less than perfect -- she is blonde and over 50, and has plenty of neurotic tendencies like the rest of us -- but she's no ditzy air head and is pretty darned cute. Chris loves to quilt, and has been trying to write that Great American Novel since fifth grade. In the meantime, she plans to put a few miles on her little red motorcycle and maybe even find a guy out there who fits in with all of that. Of course, he'll have to pass the Cat Test first. (Cat owners understand. If your cat doesn't like the person you bring home, then you probably shouldn't either -- cat's know!)